Dive into the basis of Photography

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Type d'atelier Art et photographie

Date et heure Le 20 juillet 2020 à 09:00

Durée Durée : 03:00

Adresse Nantes Nantes

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You want to have a better knowledge of how photography works, how to use your camera, succeed in making your first shots right, all that in English?
In this course, I will explain you the basis of photography, how it works technically, what are the 3 main parameters and their side-effects, how to make your camera work, which mode to use, and so many other things...

ketzaldev France

Louis Brunet

« Professional photographer since 2012, I am traveling the world to document life, companies, and tell stories. I've been living in multiple countries, including Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, and I love speaking english as much as I love teaching and sharing my knowledge. I will be so happy to meet you »

Langues parlées : anglais (USA), français
6 années vécues à l'étranger

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