Frequently asked questions

Why become a workshop holder?

  • To earn extra revenue
  • To find more clients and develop your business
  • To start a business idea without having to create your own website
  • To join our community of expats and meet new people at our monthly events
  • Hold a free account on our platform – no registration fees!

How do I become a workshop holder?

You need:

  • To be a self-trader with a SIRET number
  • To hold a French bank account
  • To have a liability insurance (Responsabilité Civile)

How do I get paid?

  1. You advertise your workshop and choose your price per person and the minimum number of participants.
  2. Participants book and pay the workshops online with their Credit Card.
  3. Kurious takes a 25% commission fee on all bookings and then pays you. You will get paid and invoiced at the end of each month for all the workshops that you have sold.

Do I need to be an English teacher?

No you don’t. You need to be a native speaker or to be bilingual.
Once you contact us we will discuss your experience and motivation to join our platform and community.

Do I have an obligation of holding workshops on a regular basis?

No, you don’t. Kurious workshops should adapt to your unique lifestyle and timetable.
Each workshop is unique. You can run it at any time or day that you choose.

Where can I hold my workshops?

Pretty much anywhere! Depending on the activity:

  • parks
  • cafes
  • bars
  • museums
  • your home…

You choose the most suited location.